Zombie: Are You REALLY Living?


The idea for this site came after I had done a teaching series at my church by the same title.  If you enjoy listening to podcasts, you can listen to any of the ten original messages here.  Or you can subscribe to my weekly podcast with this feed:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/GrowDeeper.

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  1. Another parallel is the whole “invasion of the body snatchers” motif…and Adolf Huxley’s “Brave New World” (I think that’s the one in which most of the characters were forced/wooed into taking a daily drug called soma?). Shoot, even the television, I believe, is being used to feed the “zombie” nature…look at how it started out being a special, around-the-television family form of entertainment…and NOW there is one in every room (so it’s not even being watched as a “together thing” anymore), nearly every restaurant, gyms….”pounding”/assaulting…mesmerizing, causing our minds to become passive (ever watch someone entranced by something on tv…mouth open…brain/mind open…) and allowing entrance to (being fed) stuff that speaks a majority of the time of fear, sex, exploitation, disrespect, hate, revenge (“Whatever is PURE, whatever is LOVELY…Philippians 4:8…) – taking us further and further away from the Truth and Beauty of that verse and closer to being defiled and into “zombification.” No accident, I believe, that they (tvs) are all over. Ever see the movie “Wall-E”? One scene will never leave my mind. It is when Wall-E goes to the “other planet” (had to leave earth because it had gotten too polluted?) controlled by a small handful of controllers (satan? demons?). All of its citizens rode around on these little hover crafts, drinking whatever it was they were being given (soma? ha, ha), and….WATCHING A TELEVISION SCREEN that had been affixed to their little vehicles. Most of them were depicted as “zombie-ish” and they were physically heavy – probably due to the induced laziness which invaded their thinking as well. There was one female citizen whom Wall-E met and was trying to get information from…he was trying to find out who was controlling this whole thing. She was in a (zombie) trance…UNTIL WALL-E TURNED OFF HER INDIVIDUALIZED TELEVSION SET! The response was so symbolic: it was like she (surprise, surprise) came alive and was suddenly a human being again. She even (thankfully) fell off of her “hover craft.” All I’ve said here probably makes me seem like “one of those” who is so incredibly anti-tv. Not really. I am just “anit” anything that is used by satan and the dark side to attempt to deceive us with lies and thus pull us further away from the Truth…the Way…and the (Beautiful) Life Who is Jesus. Thanks again! Terri

    • Thanks for bringing up Wall-E. I’ll have to watch that again. I have to confess that I don’t remember much of the movie (too often I used to simply put my mind in neutral when watching, but now I try to stay more engaged and thinking/challenging what is being taught, I’m trying to teach my kids to do the same so we talk about the movie as we watch it).

    • Also, if you think of any other good movies that depict the zombie principles mentioned or related principles and biblical themes, let me know! Always looking to better connect and communicate with the world. thanks!

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