More Satanic Lies to Help You

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In my last post I mentioned 3 lies that Satan spins in an effort to lead us into bondage. He offers these lies under the pretense of helping us in our battles. Below are 4 more lies. Have you believed any of these?

4. Legalism – If I do what God wants (the law), He will have to give me what I want.  This one is full of lies and deception.  The first deception is the assumption that you can fulfill the entire law.  You can’t!  No one can! (except Jesus!)  So you are starting with a faulty premise.  Second lie is that what God wants is for you to fulfill the law.  There is some truth here, but not like you expect.  God is more interested in your motivation than your movement.  What you do isn’t as important as why you are doing it, which brings us to the third lie:  God can be bribed and manipulated by my good works.  The very thought is crazy (if you take time to think about it), but almost every time we don’t get what we want from God, we are upset because we feel like He owes us because of our actions.  What you desire may be a good thing (like desiring to be free from drugs), but if you think that you can earn your freedom or manipulate God into giving it to you, you are deeply mistaken.

5. Just Rest, Chillax This is usually the result of getting stressed out and trying to escape, but unlike procrastination, this is a retreat into something that feels good.  Psychologically it numbs your pain and gets you to believe that if you were simply more relaxed, you could win.  Escaping from the battle never allows you to win the battle.

6. I will deal with this later – procrastination is probably the number one reason people stay stuck so long.  It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  We all “intend” to do things, but life creeps in and we never get around to it.  In order to win your battle, you have to fight.  Rarely will postponing the battle cause you to get stronger and your opponent weaker.  If you are battling sin, choosing to fight later means you are a sure loser.

7. If I change my external circumstances all my problems will go away.  This is a tangled web of lies.  The first lie is that your problems are all external.  Satan wants you to believe that it’s not your fault; it’s someone else’s.  He wants you to think that if you change schools, change jobs, change families, change spouses, change friends or change churches, you will be able to get a fresh start and win at this thing called life.  The problem is that you are the problem.  Ouch! I’m sorry for telling you the brutal truth but somebody had to.  Let me explain.

You may have had a rotten father, a controlling mother, a micromanaging boss or an unloving/disrespectful spouse.  That may all be true, but you had a choice in how you would respond to those difficult situations.  Your choices have made you the person you are today.  If you don’t like the person you are, you need to go back and untie the knots that led you to this place.  Cutting the cord and starting over only means you take your problems with you.  You are that bundle of knots.  Sure, others may have helped you tie those knots, but those knots are the patterns that have become ingrained into your soul.  You need Someone to untie the knots.  In zombie terms, you are dead, but a facelift, plastic surgery or some other external beauty treatment is not going to stop the rotting and decaying flesh from coming right back.  You need an Extreme Zombie Makeover.  That can only come from resurrection power. Thankfully, we can know personally the One who overcame death, and we can walk in His resurrection power. More on that in my next post.


  1. Very interesting (and very relevant) that you would choose the whole concept of “Zombie” as the theme for your blog. No coincidence that zombies have come to be, in the world, quite popular in terms of entertainment and even with some people having “fun” dressing and/or acting like one. Tragically ironic, since zombies are “the walking dead” and without Jesus awakening our spirits, we truly are the walking dead. Another thing about zombies that I think applies to satan’s strategies these days is the lack of thought: “brain sucking” if you will. Why else would, even on some Christian radio stations, the hosts emphasize that they want to help Believers THINK (like Ravi Zacharias, his radio broadcast: “Let My People Think”). So much is going on these days that, as a zombie, just gets ignored — even stupid things that are going on right in front of our faces that are so wrong and ludicrous are just being ignored, or debated with no knowledge or rationality whatsoever. Zombiefied. Jesus opens our eyes (and our minds) to the Bright, REVEALing, Freeing Truth. May many “zombies” be awakened and realize they are being brain-sucked by satan and his demons, and SEE the Way, the Truth, and the Life forever (what a beautiful sight to behold). And may we as Believers not fall into satan’s snares (and help one another not to be deceived) that attempt to draw us back into a “state” of zombiehood (although we can never truly be a walking dead person again – because of Jesus – thank God). Thanks Tye. This is cool that you are using this as a spiritual parallel!

    • Amen and Amen, Terri! Great point about Ravi Zacharias. Bottom line is that most Christians don’t want to do the hard work of thinking. As a zombie, I am numb to the pain and can get through another day, not realizing that I am missing out on REAL life! Thanks!

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