About this zombie


My name is Tye Riter and I was a zombie.  No, I didn’t enter a drug-induced state and try to eat the face off of a homeless person.  Nor did I get infected with a flesh-eating bacteria, but many years ago I came to the realization that I was spiritually dead.   I had been living for myself and realized that I needed God.  My world had revolved around me, yet I couldn’t spin things enough to make sense of my pain and what I was going through.  By simply recognizing my need for peace with God and discovering that Jesus had already done that for me, my life began a new direction.

My eyes were opened to spiritual realities.  Not only was I beginning to see the spiritual and emotional battle wounds that many people have, but I began to see how they were being manipulated and played as pawns in a cosmic chess game, a battle between a deceptively charming voice of evil and a softer voice of truth and goodness.  I had been set free and I could no longer stay silent as others suffered, wandering aimlessly on a spiritual battleground, getting hurt more and more with each passing experience.  I purposed to share the antidote that would free the walking dead, freeing zombies and allowing them to experience an extreme zombie makeover called complete resurrection.

The antidote is the truth and spiritual rebirth.  The idea is not my own, but something that has changed the world for the last 2000 years.  It is a truth you can experience, a truth you can know, a truth that can set you free.

When I’m not writing about zombie warfare, I am actively engaged in freeing zombies as the Executive Pastor at REVEAL Fellowship, a dynamic church in Lake Worth, FL.  For more information on my work, ministry or other resources, please visit www.revealfellowship.com